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We Celebrating 12 Years of Service

Since 2003, Ababu Namwamba Foundation has consistently touched and transformed the lives of hundred of people across Kenya.

From Kajiado to Turkana, Kipkelion in Kericho County to Meru. From Busia to Mombasa, the Foundation has opened doors after of opportunity for students, youth, women and centers of learning.


Whom We Serve!

anf who we serve  Our target is Children, Youth and Women across the nation to benefit on ANF projects. Learn More...

Make a Difference

ANf make chnge icon  ANF objective is to make positive changes and opening doors of opportunity for people. Learn More...

You Can Be Part

ANf Volunteer  Get involved in our projects through; financial support, volunteering & sharing about us. Learn More...

Recent Projects

Over the years, the foundation has nurtured the academic, talent and economic dreams of hundreds of Kenyans, with countless success stories. View All Projects.